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Janet Mills Unveils $8.4 Billion Two-Year Budget With Few Spending Increases, No Tax Hike

Gov. Janet Mills is proposing a two-year budget of $8.4 billion, a spending plan bolstered by federal pandemic relief funding and better-than-expected revenue forecasts.

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Maine Public Deep Dive

Join Maine Public as we continue Deep Dive: Coronavirus, conversations with our news team that trace the outbreak in our state from its source through the present and ahead to the future.

U.S. employers cut 140,000 jobs in December as the runaway coronavirus pandemic continued to weigh on the U.S. labor market.

It was the first monthly job loss in eight months. The unemployment rate held steady at 6.7%.

With thousands of Americans dying from COVID-19 each day, businesses that depend on in-person contact have struggled.

The mob violence that descended on the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday was the culmination of weeks of incendiary rhetoric and increasingly feverish planning – much of which took place openly on websites popular with far-right conspiracy theorists.

Jared Holt spends a lot of time on those websites. He's a visiting research fellow with the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab, where he has been focused on extremist online activity.

This time last year, the world was heading into a pandemic that would upend everything and cost 1.9 million lives — and counting. The promise of the new year is that vaccines are finally here and offer a way out.

After the death of George Floyd, Google engineer Raksha Muthukumar sent an email to colleagues.

In it, she pointed to a list of criminal justice reform groups and bail funds for protesters who were seeking contributions. Soon after, Muthukumar was summoned into a meeting with Google's human relations department.

Even with Democrats technically in the majority in Congress, the party split is so slim that passing major health care legislation will be extremely difficult.

So speculation about President-elect Joe Biden's health agenda has focused on the things he can accomplish using executive authority. Although there is a long list of things he could do, even longer is the list of things he is being urged to undo — actions taken by President Donald Trump.

Simon & Schuster says it has decided not to publish a forthcoming book by Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, citing the lawmaker's role in fomenting this week's "disturbing [and] deadly insurrection" at the U.S. Capitol.

Hawley quickly fired back at the publisher, calling the move "Orwellian" and an "assault on the First Amendment."

Kris Bridges / For Maine Public

Support for removing President Donald Trump from office within the next two weeks is growing on Capitol Hill.

Maine’s Board of Environmental Protection voted on Thursday to add environmental justice as a standard that must be considered when reviewing proposed new or expanded solid waste facilities in the state.

Maine schools will receive more than $183 million in federal funds from the latest stimulus bill.

J. Scott Applewhite / Associated Press file

Former Secretary of State William Cohen says President Donald Trump’s conduct during yesterday’s breach at the Capital Building is grounds for removal from office.


Vaccine Comes To Maine

What You Need To Know As COVID-19 Vaccine Arrives In Maine

Maine’s monthslong planning effort to prepare for the arrival and deployment of a coronavirus vaccine kicks into gear this week amid high hopes and plenty of uncertainty.


National Political News

Friday—Upheaval on the national front, from the insurrection at the Capitol to the electoral college votes to the Georgia election—our panelists analyze the political outlook for our nation.

Coronavirus In Maine

What Mainers Need To Know About The Coronavirus

Maine Public is committed to keeping you informed with reliable news, resources and guidance around the new coronavirus. Please continue to monitor for the latest information.